Why have I chosen products from Colway International?

For the first time about a unique Polish collagen I heard a year ago at the Academy of Trainers, where I gained coaching skills. Magdalena, who has been with Colway International for over a year, told me about the products and the company. The subject from the very beginning seemed very interesting given my previous experience with natural products, CI’s offer and their incredibly unique products impressed me very much. Since then, I have started a thorough investigation into the products and their extraordinariness. As most women are faced with the choice of cosmetic products, I have taken into account some very important aspects. I answered myself first of all important questions. That is why I am writing this article to share with you these questions that I think are very important and every woman before choosing her cosmetics should ask herself these. The most important thing is to consciously and responsibly approach this subject. Poorly looked after skin is very quick to alarm itself. In fact, the basis of care is the selection of appropriate cosmetic products. I have already made that choice and am very happy with it. Now your turn, you might want to change something? What do you think? I’m here to help you !! 🙂

I was most intrigued by the story that Magdalena told about the unique composition of cosmetics, in which the main role is uncovering a unique collagen world-wide.

What is that collagen and why is it so special?

So far, we have known the collagen that came from animals such as cattle, but all these products were unable to pass through the skin barrier and enter the skin. Collagen from Colway International comes from fish that has a single helix structure that is able to penetrate all layers of the epidermis. It is odorless perfectly adapted to the skin, PH of 5.3. It is important to emphasize the fact that it is resistant to temperature change which causes it to lose its value.

Are they effective?

Of course, yes, I have already seen improvement after the first application of collagen, but after 2 weeks, visible changes in the structure of the skin. It became smoother, lighted, moisturized and tight. Why is this happening? Because collagen, which is made up of single helices, penetrates more rapidly through the epidermis and primarily affects the cause rather than the effect. That means it acts directly on collagen cells by stimulating them to reproduce collagen again. In such a structure the effect of the cosmetics increases even up to 98-99%.

Are they efficient?

All Colway International products are efficient. Literally 2/3 of the collagen droplets spread around the entire face of the neck and neckline. Why are they so efficient is because their single helix structure has made collagen better viscosity, and after application, it gives the impression of better lubrication properties and evenly spreads over the skin.

Are they absorbed well?

The absorption of collagen products is at the highest level. This is why rapid eye-catching effects of using products are observed. Cosmetics are so constructed that the amount of product that is needed is absorbed by the skin. Therefore, it is not worth to use a large amount of products on the skin, because after absorbing the remnants of the product of which the skin has not absorbed remains on the surface of the skin.

What active ingredients are used?

Colway International’s products are supplemented with connective tissue-forming substances that advance today’s cosmetology. They stimulate the cells to work properly. The active ingredients that make up the products come from all corners of the world and are very expensive.

Products are enriched by:

DNA + RNA nucleic acids, which activate the reproduction of the skin structure, activate the cells, act as strong antioxidants and as a filter for toxins and protect the skin’s cellular system.

Kinetics of growth hormone stimulates DNA repair processes, activates fibroblasts, stimulates collagen reproduction.

Superoxide dismutase is one of the strongest antioxidants in nature that protects the body from the anti-oxidative stress that causes massive cell damage.

Copper peptide enhances collagen reproduction, helps reduce wrinkles and improves skin density and thickness.

Weronika Pokusa

There are many more. Silver, gold, argan oil, natural vitamin C, thymosin 4, and many others. But first and foremost, the products have the task of helping to reproduce collagen in our skin. This is the main goal for collagen products.

Do the products contain chemical preservatives?

There is no such possibility. That collagen is 100% natural and it is very important not to combine it with chemical preservatives because it loses its properties. Literally, chemical substances kill collagen, completely destroying collagen cells.

First of all what substances the products do not contain:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are strong cleansing and foaming detergents used in shower gels, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes. Cosmetics that contain SLSs may irritate the natural protective barrier of our skin, make it dry, cause skin rashes and inflammation.

Paraffin and mineral oils
A derivative of paraffin oil is a popular ingredient in creams, lotions and masks. This, among other things, makes our skin feel soft, moisturized and smooth after using the cosmetic. Paraffin and mineral oils clog the pores of the skin and create a coating that interferes with the skin’s absorption of nutrients, metabolic processes and gas exchange. It is because of this we often have subcutaneous pimples or purulent inflammation on the skin.

These are synthetic preservatives, which are still being discussed around the world. On the one hand, we hear voices that parabens are not bad, on the other hand, that they are the cause of many skin allergies and skin irritations. I have also read many times that parabens may interfere with our hormonal management.

These are mixtures of chemicals used to produce ethylene oxide, which can damage cells and have carcinogenic effects. Their function in cosmetics is to give a smooth, uniform consistency. The severity of PEG is primarily the appearance of urticaria, unpleasant itching and blocked pores.

Just like paraffin, they can hinder the skin and hair from getting the nutrients it needs and stick to the hard-to-remove coating.

The use of synthetic dyes, fragrances, genetically modified raw materials is also avoided in Natural Cosmetics.

How do they look?

All products have elegant, wonderful, aesthetic and transparent packaging. All the information you need is described in English. The company took care of all the details you can not miss the fact that there is also a braille language that helps the blind. The entire visual appearance suits me 100%, so I also decided to try out these products.

Price. Are they worth paying for?

Unique collagen, innovative technology, nanotechnology, unique world components, no chemical preservatives, 100% natural collagen, elegant packaging, effective and fast performance is worth every price. The most important thing is to consciously make choices. I made the right decision and I could pay a higher price.

What does our skin need?

Before making a decision, you should determine the needs of your skin and hair, answer the question – what do I expect from shampoo, lotion or a cream? What to look for? I accurately defined my requirements, read many articles, and from my own skin observation, I identified needs. The most important thing for me was to supplement, unfortunately with the age, the loss of collagen. I got acquainted with Colway International’s offer. I read customer reviews, goals and what mission shines through their activities.

For a long time I have been looking for cosmetics that will meet all my requirements. In a short time, I also noticed how great cosmetic effects from Colway International are on my skin. It became smoother, moisturized and the color was evenly balanced. I noticed its significant illumination. Soon, my usual cosmetics began to disappear from my bathroom, and their place was filled with cosmetics from Colway International. An important change that occurred with the introduction of collagen care is also cosmetic minimalism. The higher price of cosmetics caused me to start buying more consciously and less, realizing suddenly that I did not need 3 body lotions and 5 different shampoos. After two months, I replaced all other cosmetics with Colway International products. I also started taking dietary supplements from Colway International. Products are in the whole house. They have made great changes and brought new fresh energy.

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