Treatments with Collagen Gold

Colloidal Gold and Azelaic Acid are distinctive for this product. Collagen Gold has proven to work very well with problematic skin.

Collagen Native GOLD

Colloidal Gold

It improves active ingredients functionality and prevents from formation of skin blemishes. Stimulates regenerative properties of the skin thanks to which it makes the skin young and elastic.

Azealic Acid

It increases the speed of skin healing. Works very well with acne and problematic skin. It has anti-bacterial properties. It evens out the color of the skin and reduces the visibility of pores.

Who should this product be recommended to?

Persons who:

  • have problematic skin (all types of acne).
  • suffer from skin blemishes and acne marks.
  • going through skin weakening process (atopic dermatitis).
  • have vascular skin, over reactive skin with erythema.

Real Photo Example

Acne Skin