Express lift mask

Anti-Ageing Quick Skin Lift
Size: 50ml

Price: £42.90


Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Express lift mask is a hydrolifting injection for the skin which rejuvenates it in the blink of an eye. It is a strong anti-age treatment in the form of a mask. It was especially composed to give your skin an immediate effect of a natural facelift. It works thanks to exotic, specially selected plant extracts that firm, tighten and moisturize. Gently exfoliates to smooth and slightly brighten the skin. Give your skin extraordinary vitality; keep your youth for longer. And all of this naturally!

Express lift mask provides excellent rejuvenating effects:

  • quick lifting after 30 minutes
  • radiant, soft and smooth skin
  • long-lasting skin hydration
  • smoothes and reduces wrinkles
  • improves skin density and its elasticity*
  • improves skin tone and lifts the face oval*

* permanent effects are visible in the skin after a minimum of 4 weeks of   treatment

We recommend our mask for:

  • mature skin, prone to wrinkles and sagging
  • tired skin, requiring regeneration, hydration and facelift


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