Under Eye Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Number 1 product when it comes to wrinkles, crow's feet and bags under eyes. Rich in collagen and other active ingredients cream will give you effect that you are looking for - reduced wrinkles and rejuvenated skin under your eyes.

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Eye Contour Anti-wrinkle Cream with Applicator

Eye Contour Cream – Size: 50ml
Applicator: 3 pcs

Suitable For:

Age: 25-65, Age: 65+, Bags Under Eyes, Crow's Feet

Price: £53.95


Collagen Eye Contour Cream

The appearance and condition of the skin around the eyes is affected not only by your age, but also by your lifestyle, number of hours of sleep, stress and even the condition of your whole organism. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and flabby, with a slight amount of fat. Therefore, it requires consistent use of specially designed cosmetics. If you want to look young as long as possible an to avoid aesthetic medicine treatments, invest in proper care after 20 years of age. At such a young age, pay attention to the condition of your skin and the composition of the cream you use.

Massage Under Eye Cream Applicator

Meet the unique -UNDER-EYE MASSAGING APPLICATOR- thanks to which you will get rid of fine wrinkles around the eyes, reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles under the eyes, as well as introduce active ingredients into the skin.

Apply to the skin around the eyes with applicator:

Use flat end of applicator to apply cream to the eye area.

Use round end of applicator to spread the cream to the eye area until absorbed.

Use 1-2 times per day – morning and evening.


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