Intensive face moisturiser

Intensive face moisturiser
Size: 50ml

Suitable For:

Acne, Age: 16-25, Age: 25-65, Skin Type: Combination, Skin Type: Dry

Price: £42.95


Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Intensively moisturizing face cream guarantees multidimensional, instant moisturizing of the skin from the first application. After application, it acts as a moisturizing compress, bringing relief. It soothes even the most irritated and chapped skin. Strongly relieves – upon a few minutes after application, it eliminates redness, tingling sensation and irritation caused by external factors. It prevents premature skin aging and at the same time fixes the barrier functions of the skin’s natural hydro-lipid coat.


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