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Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Note: Delivery 3-10 days

Xshot Dietary supplement

Xshot contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts selected to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as to support normal energy metabolism (vitamin B12). It is composed of 16 ingredients supporting the body’s own natural energy production mechanism. Feel more empowered by giving up your high-sugar energy drinks – they dramatically raise and then quickly lower your blood glucose levels, increasing your energy deficit.

Who is xShot for?

• Anyone who needs a burst of energy

• Anyone with an active lifestyle, practising sports and controlling their weight

• Regular gym members – as an alternative to synthetic glucose shots

• Frequent travellers on business trips by car, or anyone spending long hours behind the wheel

• Anyone working or studying for long hours – when an extra dose of energy and concentration is required

• As a healthy substitute for people drinking large amounts of coffee, which is well known for its acidifying effect


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