About Us

Colway International is a child company of a Polish company Colway that operates mainly on Polish market. The purpose of Colway International is to reach out to the world with its top quality, paraben free, ecological and natural products that are based on collagen as the main ingredient. The owners of Colway – Jarosław Zych and Maurycy Turek – have recognised the potential of collagen and decided to create an unique collagen based beauty line.

Thanks to the latest biotechnological achievements, the owners along with Polish scientists have achieved something extraordinary – set of products that can delay the ageing process, improve skin quality, body functions and improve your health and wellbeing.

Sounds cliché?

Our products have proven to be very effective in looking after our skin and body. Renown scientists like Piotr Pakuła and Dr. Jan Czarnecki have obtained the collagen in its purest form and were involved in the creation of the line of products with ingredients that are not to be found anywhere else on the market (please watch video to the right for more information).

All of the products are based on collagen in its purest form – triple and single helix (see this link for more information). The method of obtaining the collagen has been patented and it is not used anywhere in the world.

Colway International is not only about beauty but also about health. Our products have proven to treat various skin and body conditions like:

  • burns
  • psoriasis
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • acne
  • varicose veins

Our products contain from 95 – 100% natural ingredients.

Our Core Values


We look at the world through the eyes of our customers and partners. Each solution is a response to the needs flowing from
you to us.


Always and in every part of our business we provide our Customers exclusive products with the highest quality.

We remember that the customer first of all buys a man, and only then – the company and its products. We are consistent in every area of activity.


In implementing our strategy we focus on the strongest side of the company. We do not change things that work, but improve everything that needs to be improved.

We do what we say. We implement solutions expected by our clients and partners. Problems mobilize us and create opportunities for development.


We want to be the most recognizable
Polish direct selling company in the world
and number one in this industry in Poland.

We intend to accomplish this by the year 2020.

Top Management

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